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About Medical Equipment, Operating Table Supplier

Jiangsu Suxin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional medical device manufacturing in Jiangsu Province, which has been approved by Jiangsu Provincial Food and Drug Administration and won the title of excellent unit of integrity of Jiangsu medical device manufacturing enterprise from 2011 to 2015.
Suxin strictly complies with ISO13485, ISO9001 quality management system and CE system, and strictly controls the product quality to achieve customer satisfaction and confidence.
The manufacturer has its own R & D and production base. The company specializes in the production of electric operating table series, electric delivery table series, hydraulic comprehensive operating table series, hydraulic delivery table series, medical operating room hanging tower pendant series, ICU hammock series, ICU, CCU multi-functional medical column series and led surgical shadowless lamp, SX series surgical head frame, SX series orthopedic traction frame.
The company's products are exquisite in design, advanced in technology, novel and beautiful in style. The appearance of the product adopts advanced electrostatic spraying technology. Its surface has the characteristics of coating not easy to fall off, corrosion resistance, rust prevention and so on. With reliable quality, complete functions, safe, flexible and convenient operation, it is an ideal must-have product for modern hospitals.
Our registered capital is 5 million RMB, annual sales have exceeded 20 million RMB, and our workshop area is more than 3,600 square meters. Suxin has independently developed and mass-produced and sold more than 50 models of operating tables and lights, sold well in more than 80 countries worldwide. Our products occupy a very high market share, espeically in Southeast Asia, North and South America. Our company has participated in large-scale bidding projects of medical equipments to support the third world medical development.
Nowadays, SUXIN has successfully entered the developed countries. In the Chinese market, SUXIN has developed its own dealer network, covering many kinds of clinics and hospitals nationwide.
On the basis of operating table and operation lights manufacturing, we countinuously expanded operating room equipment products recently.
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