Electric Remote Control Adjustable Medical Ultrasound Examination Bed Electric Examination Table
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Electric Remote Control Adjustable Medical Ultrasound Examination Bed Electric Examination Table

Jiangsu Suxin Medical Equipment Co., ltd
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This examination table is mainly used for patient examination, which is very portable and easy operating,it also automatic paper change function.

Technical specification

Product Size: 2100*770*620-900mm
Whole bed tilt angle: 12 °
Function: 1.This examination bed is designed based on ergonomic principles and serves as an auxiliary active equipment for the main
examination and diagnosis equipment;
2.The humanized structural design allows patients with limited mobility to comfortably sit
in position during the examination process and cooperate with doctors to perform the examination from different angles with ease;
3. Equipped with automatic deviation correction and paper changing function, it more effectively ensures the safety and hygiene
of the inspected person;
4. Equipped with manual control, easy for doctors to control;
5.The bed frame and roll paper conveyor frame are made of high-quality steel with high strength; Bed surface treatment: The metal surface adopts dual electrostatic coating treatment technology to achieve antibacterial, mold proof, and anti-corrosion effects of the internal and external rust resistant coatings. After testing, the adhesion has all reached level 10, without shedding or rusting. (Provide inspection certificates from relevant nationally recognized testing institutions.)
6. Imported luxury 5-inch casters with central control
brake system, wear-resistant and durable, with good mute effect and high safety. The base is equipped with a dust cover to avoid
long-term accumulation of dust under the bed, making it easy to clean; (Provide physical product images) 9. Adopting a reliable
and long-lasting one control three motor control system;
7. The motor system is equipped with a built-in emergency power
supply, which can automatically jump to the working state when the network power supply is cut off;
8. The roll paper fabric material is medical SMS non-woven fabric with a cotton content of over 35 grams; (Provide testing reports); ▲
9. The mattress is filled with high-density sponge, and the leather cover is made of environmentally friendly microfiber leather, which is
comfortable and durable. The surface has no exposed seams, preventing liquid from flowing into the interior of the mattress from
the surface, making it easy to clean and preventing bacterial growth; (Provide physical image of the mattress)
10. Equipped with an emergency stop switch, it is convenient for medical staff to reset the examination bed in emergency situations; 11. Optional infusion support and coupling agent heating device.
12.The whole bed is welded by Robot welding. (Provide robot invoices and on-site operation pictures to ensure that the product is non manual welding and determine the welding accuracy of the product).

Accessory list

Pillow 1 set
Mattress 1 set
Hand remote 1 pc
Paper roll 1 roll
Operation manual 1 set



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