Electro Hydraulic Operating Table Radiolucent Surgery Orthopedic Operating Table
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Electro Hydraulic Operating Table Radiolucent Surgery Orthopedic Operating Table

Jiangsu Suxin Medical Equipment Co., ltd
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Table height:
Back plate up folding:
Back plate downfolding:
  • SXD8804-B

  • Suxin

  • 9402900000

SXD8804-B Multi Purpose Electrical Hydraulic Operation Table For medical institutions to support patients, especially for obstetrics and gynecology. Electric control components are adopted to ensure stable and reliable transmission. Self-locking of various positions after adjustment is reliable to ensure the safety of the operation. The main body of the machine is composed of high strength carbon steel, and the large part is made of 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel drawing material. The mattress is made . The mattress is made of advanced PU outer and inner cushion rubber sponge and memory cotton material,bed board raw material aseptic treatment,fireproof,anti-static special board.This machine line is smooth ,simple and clear ,sincere and gorgeous, strong corrosion resistant,easy to diainfect,cleaning.

Type and model Theatre OT Table Electric Hydraulic Surgical Bed With One Key Reset Electric Hydraulic Orthopedic Operating Table
Material: Stainless steel
Table size 2100*550mm
Table height 750-1100mm
Back plate up folding ≥85°
Back plate down folding ≥30°
Head plate(up/down) ≥30°-90°
Leg plate(up/down) ≥15°/90°
Lifting motion 350mm
Lateral tilt ≥25°
Trendelenburg& reverse trendelenburg ≥35°
Horizontal sliding movement ≥300mm
Emergency electric brake Yes
Flex/reflex feature
Built-in battery system Yes, 2-3 hours 
Kidney bridge 120mm
Feature A. Designed for ophthalmic and neurosurgery surgeries with ultra-low positions, doctors can perform seated surgeries.
B. The table top is divided into five sections: head plate, back plate, hip plate, leg plate and foot plate. The head section and leg section can be interchanged to fully meet the needs of various surgical Surgical positions.
C. The table top is made of X-rays that can be transmitted, and there is a cassette guide under the table, which can be used for photography. While ensuring stability, the eccentric pillar structure allows the operating table to obtain the maximum X-ray perspective space.
D. The countertop is equipped with a back plate and hip plate composite bending button, providing convenience for surgeries such as gallbladder and kidney.
E.The operating table is equipped with casters for easy dragging and retraction.
F. The operating table can be powered directly by a power source or by a rechargeable battery (charging for 4-6 hours can meet the needs of 50
G. The edge rails, base, and pillars of the operating table are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and durable.
H. It can be equipped with a skull frame with X-ray transmission configuration, and its perfect combination will become the most satisfactory hand group for neurosurgeons.


Jiangsu Suxin Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of medical equipment. During the past more than 16 years, with the development concept of scientific and technological innovation, the company has been developed into a high-tech enterprise with rich experience in scientific research, development, manufacturing medical equipment. Now the company has passed the certification of ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2003, CE and SGS, Professional Manufacturing of Operating Table, Obstetric And Gynecology Table, LED Shadowless operating lamp, Electric Medical Pendant etc.,the products are competitive enough in the domestic market in China and also popular in the global market..



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