High-end hydraulic Operating Table
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High-end hydraulic Operating Table

Cecilia Wong
Overseas sales manager of Suxin Medical
English website: https://www.suxin-med.com/
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Website: http://www.suxing-med.com/en/
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Mobile: +86 17348370717/18136821702
Whatsapp: +86 17348370717
Wechat: CeciliaNarcissus
Addr: No.268 Tongchuang Rd, Zhangqiao Industrial Zone, Taixing, Jiangsu
  • SXS 3001

Our Operation Table modern designed to provide facilities for movements and positioning proper to  general surgical procedures. Our Operation Table consists of Head, Back, Pelvic and split Leg sections with manually controlled  drives for all adjustments of height, Trendelenburg lateral till back section, pelvic section and floor lock Tabletop frame, column cover and side-rails are made of stainless steel. Table base cover made of  rust proof, acid-resistant impact resistant material. All movements controlled by the foot pedals. C-Arm compatible tabletop is radio translucent; fitted with full-length cassette tunnel from head to  pelvic section for X-Ray photographic and provided with anti-static, antibacterial, soft slow recovery  mattresses 6cm in thickness. SXS3001 is used for head, neck, chest and abdominal Cavity, perineum and limbs surgery,  gynecology and obstetrics, ophthalmology, otolaryngology and other operations in the operating  room of the hospital. The oil1 pump is used for hydraulic lifting During the operation, the adjustment of  body position is controlled on both sides of the table The angle adjustment of the back plate and leg  plate of this side operated comprehensive operating table is realized by hand operated worm, gear and  rack mechanism. Table top and cover material can be selected according to the user's  requirements.SXS3001(1)(2)(1)_00(1)



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Adeline lu
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Cecilia Wong
WhatsApp: +86-17348370717
Phone: +86-17348370717/18136821702
E-mail: cecilia-wong@suxing-med.com



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